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Silk Paintings

Silk is a canvas that breathes with every drop of dye, with every touch of water. Color spreads through each fiber and binds with the fabric, preserving the luster and natural texture of the silk. After a painting is completed, it is steamed for a few hours to make the dyes permanent, after which the fabric can be washed and dry cleaned without any color fading. Most of my paintings are framed behind glass, but I still prefer to steam them because the process reveals the true potential of the dye's intensity. I photograph my work only after steaming because sometimes the color flow changes slightly.

Silk Scarves

All silk scarves are washed and dry cleaned multiple times to test the durability of the color, and all have proven to be fade-proof, durable works of art. I paint different weights and weaves of silk, from airy chiffon to heavy, luxurious silk satin. If you are interested in commissioning a silk scarf with a custom design, please contact me.